Here is an interview I did with the venerable Pilar Alessandro from "On The Page" the best screenwriting podcast show out there. If you'd like to hear me make a fool of myself in real time check this out at:


I had a great time with Pilar and Aadip.


  1. Interesting Podcast Paul. It's nice to hear from a more visual side of the business.

  2. What can I say?! Listened to the podcast and you didn't even mention yer ol' pal Ian. Sheesh. Remember, I saved your career. . . ;)

    All kidding aside, nice podcast and Pilar sounded quite impressed so I look forward to the next podcast you do together.

    It was nice hearing about your process and what you've learned along the way, but I also would have liked to hear what you think people are doing poorly in relation to storytelling these days. Formulaic vs. innovation maybe?

    Keep in touch boyo and congrats!

  3. Ian Who?...
    Har har. Yeah I would've liked to have gone more into that as well. I think the comic medium has a lot of room to grow. And there are a lot of sophisticated storytellers out there. We should talk soon. I'm heading to Wizard Con today.
    Oh and thanks for saving my career.

  4. Fantastic work on your blog !

  5. mmmmmm mmmmmmmmm those 3d models are tight. now ya have me wanting to learn how to 3d model! man, i always get pumped and inspired when i check in.

  6. enjoyed the podacast, Paul -- VERY informative and enlightening (especially as I've done a little basic storyboarding myself). also, love the caricature of Pilar -- excellent -- as well as the website in general. this is an awesome design concept.

    Laurence Cruz

  7. mmmm love me some paul linsley

  8. muy alucinante tu trabjo felicitaciones

  9. GREAT art, very nice :)