Here is a character from a project that's in production right now.
It's going to be a cool film.

Here is another Satyr for the workshop. Starting to introduce a little bit of expression.


Here is a piece of animation that shows off a Chinese New Year Tiger that I designed. I love working with Falcon's treehouse! Go to the link below to see the animation.


Here's a Zbrush sketch of Panthro. I included some of the reference I used for the sculpt.
Thundercats Ho!


Here is a satyr design I did for the Zbrush workshop. I love this program!


Thought I'd try a recognizeable character, to get more control of the Zbrush tools.
Here's another version of Charon.


I'm getting into Zbrush. I'm taking a class with Bryan Wynia (check out his stuff at: http://bryanwynia.blogspot.com/) at the Concept Design Academy in Pasadena. Just had the first class last Saturday, feel like I'm already learning a lot. Above is my first head sculpture. We're doing a Greek Mythology theme. This is an interpretation of Charon.