Moody little quick sketch of the knighted thesbian.
"I've stop acting and started behaving more."
-Sir Caine


Ron Yavnieli
Stand up Comic, actor, and a friend of mine from college.

Kyle Maclachlin
From a body tapestry brilliant perfomances including:
Blue Velvet, Dune, TWIN PEAKS!!!, and Yes, Desperate Housewives.
I'm amazed how so many people overlook him.


Here's my gooffy mug. My girlfriend says it doesn't look like me, but that's cause she loves me.

Did this for Caricaturama 300o on facebook.


A Sunday night indulgence.


I'm working on a comic and I wanted to get a better sense of the characters. So I've begun sculpting them in zbrush to turn them around. Heres is one of the main characters I did last night, Gainer (also featured below on the cover of Gimbal). I'll be using these for reference while I draw the comic.
And I started with a sphere, That's right, Wynia, no base mesh.
... Of coarse the topology is a disaster...


The world will never be the same.
... Of coarse it never is...


Some call him Don. But we know who he really is.


A quick study. More to come.


I've decided to take my career in a new direction.
Nothing beats dolphins farting rainbows.


Life has been busy lately. Had a few hours to relax and paint. Here is a study of Christopher Hitchens.


Here is an interview I did with the venerable Pilar Alessandro from "On The Page" the best screenwriting podcast show out there. If you'd like to hear me make a fool of myself in real time check this out at:


I had a great time with Pilar and Aadip.


Here is a sneak peak of the sculpt I'm working on this week for my Zbrush class with Bryan Wynia (http://conceptdesignacad.com/). See if you can guess this character. Bryan, you can't guess, or Emily, or Winston or Albert. Apollo you can guess, because we have no clue where you are.


I saw these amazing praying mantes and I wanted to do an alien inspired by them.


Ninja turtles...

Here is a head sculpt based on a concept painting I did.


Another harpie.


Here's the Harpie polypainted. PAPA LOVES THE ZBRUSH.... :)
Here's a harpie I did for a greek mythology project we're doing in our CDA workshop. It's a study referncing the sculpt Bryan Wynia did in class. Yes... His is much better...
Bryan's the bomb


Here are some sculpts I did of a Gorgon.


Here is a character from a project that's in production right now.
It's going to be a cool film.

Here is another Satyr for the workshop. Starting to introduce a little bit of expression.


Here is a piece of animation that shows off a Chinese New Year Tiger that I designed. I love working with Falcon's treehouse! Go to the link below to see the animation.


Here's a Zbrush sketch of Panthro. I included some of the reference I used for the sculpt.
Thundercats Ho!


Here is a satyr design I did for the Zbrush workshop. I love this program!


Thought I'd try a recognizeable character, to get more control of the Zbrush tools.
Here's another version of Charon.


I'm getting into Zbrush. I'm taking a class with Bryan Wynia (check out his stuff at: http://bryanwynia.blogspot.com/) at the Concept Design Academy in Pasadena. Just had the first class last Saturday, feel like I'm already learning a lot. Above is my first head sculpture. We're doing a Greek Mythology theme. This is an interpretation of Charon.


The New Apple iTchasketch!

I define myself first and foremost as a Mac person, secondly as an American, and thirdly as a carnivore (fourth and fifth place are up for negotiation). I like to prioritize it in case I'm interrogated. That being said, I finally got a peak at the newly forthcoming hand-held apple product. Those guys are constantly reinventing the wheel! Brilliant... Simply brilliant...


Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na Batman!


Here's some color on the Hellian.

One is a caricature of Noam Chomsky the other is a photograph. I'll leave you to figure out which one is which.


Here's a piece I did of Francisco Herrera's character.



This is a caricature I painted of Neville Page, one of the contemporary Masters of Creature Design. If you've seen, Avatar, Star Trek, Cloverfield, or Watchmen (among many others) then you've seen his stuff. Check out his work at http://www.nevillepage.com/. We met briefly at Comicon. Since then, I've been following his work like I bought Stock in it.


This is a caricature I painted of one of my favorite artists, Francisco Herrera. If you don't already know his work you should check out his blog at http://www.herrerabox.com/blog/. His drawings are so dynamic. I keep his sketchbooks by my drawing desk just to punish myself whenever I think I'm getting good.