The New Apple iTchasketch!

I define myself first and foremost as a Mac person, secondly as an American, and thirdly as a carnivore (fourth and fifth place are up for negotiation). I like to prioritize it in case I'm interrogated. That being said, I finally got a peak at the newly forthcoming hand-held apple product. Those guys are constantly reinventing the wheel! Brilliant... Simply brilliant...


Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na Batman!


Here's some color on the Hellian.

One is a caricature of Noam Chomsky the other is a photograph. I'll leave you to figure out which one is which.


Here's a piece I did of Francisco Herrera's character.



This is a caricature I painted of Neville Page, one of the contemporary Masters of Creature Design. If you've seen, Avatar, Star Trek, Cloverfield, or Watchmen (among many others) then you've seen his stuff. Check out his work at http://www.nevillepage.com/. We met briefly at Comicon. Since then, I've been following his work like I bought Stock in it.


This is a caricature I painted of one of my favorite artists, Francisco Herrera. If you don't already know his work you should check out his blog at http://www.herrerabox.com/blog/. His drawings are so dynamic. I keep his sketchbooks by my drawing desk just to punish myself whenever I think I'm getting good.