1. Wow, Paul -- that's incredible! I had a TMNT tribute piece on my "to do" list, but now I might not bother. I couldn't come close to this. Love the different body shapes/sizes of the turtles. I always thought they should be drawn to be noticeably distinct from each other like this, especially in their "real" comic where they all had red headbands.
    Very nice work!
    And, hey, would it kill you to include some commentary for each piece?

  2. holy cow! that brings back memories!
    very sweet indeed. and yes, commentary, please.
    jared's right, the red head band comic, the one with the slightly japanese sumie touch and nigh-biologically correct turtles was great, but i don't think i've ever seen anyone do anything quite as distinct and creative as this.
    dude, raph's on 'roids. schwartzeturtle.

  3. lovin' the texture on the manhole cover and the faces, btw.